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Japanese Knotweed, Pau D'Arco, Isatis, Barberry Root, Codonopsis, Dandelion Root, Mily Oats, Cleavers, Uva Ursi, Prickly Ash, 80 Proof Alcohol.


Designed to alternate use with Lyme Away #2.

Lyme Away #1

  • Spellbound's Lyme Group and Coinfections Master Treatment is divided into 3 Stages: 1) Open Channels of Elimination, Parasite Cleanse and Address Inflammatory Response; 2) Core Treatment for Coinfections and Pulsing Lyme Protocol; and 3) Repair, Maintenance and Prevention of Reinfection. 


    This product arrives with "Stage 2: Core Treatment for Coinfections Pulsing Lyme Protocol" Information and Recommendations.


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