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Chai and the Sun in Capricorn

Winter Solstice has arrived, and just in the knick of time. My family finds ourselves on the tail end of a stomach bug that swept through my school-age daughters and we were all hit with seasonal colds, including the baby. We sopped up vomit and wiped boogies. (Moms don't cringe.) Tea is the best I can offer. Sitting down to a warming cup of tea, nestled into a cozy blanket is medicine in itself. There is always more to say about tea. I am grateful for it.

In the midst of this, busy work life goes on and Will and I worked methodically as Capricorn dictates, taking advantage of every last drop of day light. Will made final winter preparations and cut more firewood, swapped a wood-guzzling stove for a newer one, ground turkey for the freezer and worked his full-time job. I built up tincture stores, studied Lyme disease and its Coinfections, and hosted barn stays. Most importantly, I cared for family and home. Yep, most importantly. "Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished." --Lao Tsu

Now that I reflect upon it, Nature sets the pace and dictates a response. We tend to what is a natural, living world inside and out and celebrate the cycle of the return of the Sun. There will be more light! I wanted to share a little about my heart, thoughts and family life with others this solstice. Winter can seem isolating. Staying indoors and caring for a 3-month old infant can, too. Yet, I have learned to take joy in the gift of Winter. I know that the pendulum swings to the other side and this inward time is my time to restore, prepare and plan.

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