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Herbal & Lyme Disease Consultations

Herbal medicine empowers individuals to take their own journey to health and well-being. The herbalist cannot diagnose, treat or cure any illness, but provides support and guidance in the use of exploring plant medicine, especially where conventional medicine has fallen short. Christina encourages individuals to support the body’s natural inclination to seek balance and works to deeply nourish and strengthen foundation parts of the systemic whole. 


Spellbound Farm is a Lyme-Literate Community Practice that begins within the home. Our Lyme Protocol addresses Lyme Group and Coinfections in several stages of treatment. All Lyme Tinctures are available for purchase from the home apothecary.


Christina studied her Lyme Practice at the Boston School of Herbal Studies under herbalist Tommy Priester. Sliding scale $45-$85 per session. Sessions are available in-person and online via video interface. Please contact  for an appointment.

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